Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food” Is The Next “Friday.” You’ve Been Warned: WATCH

alison gold

Alison Gold is the new Rebecca Black—and not just because they both have colors for last names. Gold’s viral single, “Chinese Food,” debuted on YouTube on Monday and is quickly garnering hundreds of thousands of views.

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Written and produced by Ark Music Factory’s Patrice Wilson—the same guy who gave us Black’s “Friday”—the song is essentially Gold ordering off a Chinese menu: “I love fried rice/I love noodles,” she sings in an oddly Autotuned paean to Lucky Dragon. “I love their egg rolls/and their wonton soup/this makes me feel so, so good.”

But there’s an aroma of creepiness that even a dancing panda can’t erase. Like, why is a little girl singing about coming back from the clubs? And don’t even get us started with the little smiling Asian girl furiously working the register as Alison points to her favorite dishes.

Let’s hope this one passes quickly.

Download “Chinese Food” on iTunes.

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