“All-American Boy” Singer Steve Grand On Getting Naked On Camera: “My Balls Were In My Throat”

Hunky singer Steve Grand blew up almost immediately after posting the self-funded video for his new song, “All-American Boy”—due in no small part to his smooth vocals and killer bod. Grand chatted with The Backlot about coming out as gay in Country music, playing into stereotypes and appearing bare-ass in the video’s infamous swimming scene.

TBL: Tell me about the character you have a crush on in the video. What does that character represent?

SG: There’s always been that man in my life, a little older, someone who takes me under his wing. It’s that smart, confident, unthreatened heterosexual man. I think the world is changing very quickly and straight men are changing very quickly. I think Nick [Alan, the actor in the role] perfect embodied that message. He’s so confident with himself that it’s really not a big deal to kiss a dude. He’s so not threatened by gay people or homosexuality or kissing another man, as you’ve seen in the video, and I think that’s the future. That’s what I think is unique about the storysteve grand.jpg. I see some people commenting with, “Oh, another story about a gay man chasing a straight man.” It is a universal story and it’s been told many times, but what makes it different is, just look at the way Nick responded. Look how he still wanted to be friends with me after.

TBL: The video looks like it was a blast to make, particularly that scandalous pond scene.

SG: The pond scene was something we thought about for awhile. We didn’t know what condition the pond was in when we got there. It was really disgusting. I got an eye infection from it. It was toxic, and it hadn’t been kept up in years. People on the crew said, “We shouldn’t be doing this.” And I said, “No. This has to happen.”

TBL: Your friends were on the set with you. Were you comfortable getting naked around them?

SG: No one really saw anything since it was really just my butt. Nick saw everything, and he just laughed. Which — I’m not sure what that means. You can see it in the video too. He’s just cracking up. It was cold, my balls were in my throat, and we were both in the same boat. It was miserable! That final kissing scene, they kept telling me, “We got it.” I said, “No. We need to do it again. Nick, we need to do it again, and you need to not be repulsed. This is the new all-American boy, being so comfortable with yourself that you’re not threatened.” We did it again, and that was the footage we ended up using.


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