All Madonna “Glee” Episode Set List Leaked – But Who Gets What?

April seems so far away.

We had some wild speculation in the past about which songs from Madonna’s extensive catalog might be making an appearance in the all Material Girl episode of Glee. But over the holiday, MadonnaTribe leaked the supposed setlist, and it seems … plausible.

What we know is that Rachel (Lea Michele) will feature in at least six of the ten tracks. We don’t know if she’s solo, or just singing lead though. Counting Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), we have eleven potential singers in the cast (discounting any guest stars).

What follows are song titles and guesses about who sings what. But since I already know up front that you guys think I’m wrong, we want to hear from you. If these are indeed the songs from the show, who should sing what?

First up we have "What It Feels for a Girl" which to me, has either Quinn (Dianna Agron) or Rachel written all over it, unless they give it to Emma (Jayma Mays), because it seems to fit all three of their storylines. But the wildcard factor here is that this is a Ryan Murphy series. He could easily give the song to Kurt (Chris Colfer) just to confound expectations.

Next up we have "Crazy For You" which is a confusing one, because it can be a song of longing, and don’t we have pretty much everyone who is capable of real human emotions with the right person at this point? And I can’t see Terri (Jessilyn Gilsig) trying it. Frankly, I’m at a loss.

I’m voting Rachel for "Borderline" because her emotions have run hot and cold for both Puck (Mark Salling) and Finn (Cory Monteith) at this point. Plus she’s got to sing 60% of the music, so it’s a safe bet.

Now this is a messy one. "Open Your Heart To Me" could have gone to any number of the characters in the first half of the season: Emma, Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes (Amber Riley). But we’ve had a surprising number of seemingly happy endings for the romantic pairings, owed in large part to no one wanting to leave loose strings if the show didn’t get picked up. Now it seems less obvious. Kurt has no love interest, neither does Mercedes, Emma got her man, and Finn seems to have been freed up for Rachel. Is this Terri’s redemption song?

This is the song I’m least familiar with, "Burning Up" but listening to it as I was writing this, it’s so obviously a Rachel song. They can even reuse some of the choreography from the video and have her dance around Finn. Her voice will have to be tamed a bit to match up with the original arrangement, but they can always update that.

This is the newest song on the list, and I’d going to assume it’s some sort of montage in the rehearsal room so that the rapping can be handled by Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison), since that seems to be what he likes doing for the show. The rhythm is perfect for one of his insane dance numbers, which I love (and would love more if there was some non-inappropriate way for him to wear less clothing while doing them). But I don’t know who they’re going to put opposite him on the vocals. They tend to use Mercedes, but that could just be the hip-hop songs they’ve had him do in the past. She doesn’t seem all that suited to this. Does Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) finally get to sing?

This is another no-brainer. Rachel gets the classic "Like a Virgin" right? I mean it fits the character, and we haven’t been assigning a lot of songs to her yet. But vocally, I’d love to hear Quinn sing it. And just for fun, I’d really like to have Finn sing it. After all, he’s still a virgin, spontaneous emissions in a hot tub notwithstanding. And somehow, out of all these songs, I’d like to be surprised by a singer.

Again, just based on odds, I see Rachel singing “Like A Prayer”. Rachel and Kurt are the only ones whose voices seem the right pitch for the song. And I can’t come up with a way for it to fit into Kurt’s storyline as we understand it now. Since we don’t know how far into the season this episode airs though, it could happen. And Sarah Palin could go vegan.

This could go a few different ways. I can see "Express Yourself" fitting into a lot of storylines, because there are still a lot of repressed feelings, especially with Tina, Kurt, and Artie (Kevin McHale). Plus the Rachel factor, getting her to express her feelings for Finn.

And I have a confession: this is my personal favorite Madonna video of all time, and part of me wants to see Kurt try and work something out with this song. But vocally, I’d love to hear Mercedes tear this up.

"Vogue" is this one is the song that Chris Colfer said he called Ryan Murphy and requested. But I’m going to side with reader FAII who put forward the idea based on Spurf™ spoilers, that this is the song that Sue Sylvester sings. But since the song almost begs for backup dancers, I don’t know how they’ll fit that in, since Sue doesn’t exactly inspire people to rally around her.

So what do you guys think? Am I right (HA!) or do you guys think I’m hopelessly off base?

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