AllSaints Makes A Play For Nashville’s Music Scene: WATCH

British clothier AllSaints is known for its denim and leather—and the spooky rows of antique sewing machines that crowd its displays—but they really, really want to mean a lot more to their customers. So creative director Wil Beedle crafted “New Music City” (above) which documents Nashville’s electrifying music scene and the bands on Kings of Leons’ indie record label, Serpents and Snakes. Eventually, this will all expand into a new AllSaints channel marketing a full line of music and lifestyle products, as well as more of these mini city docs.

Below, one of our favorite Serpents and Snake acts, Snowden, appears in the AllSaints’ sponsored video for “So Red.” Hey, if clothing companies can bring back the era of the cool music video, we’re all for it. A little brand awareness never killed anyone.