Evan Rachel Wood Seduces A 16-Year-Old Girl In Tense Lesbian Thriller “Allure”

“There’s not really a good or bad guy. Abuse is a well-rounded tragedy for everyone."

In the new psychological thriller, Allure, bisexual actress Evan Rachel Wood plays a troubled woman with a long history of abuse who seduces and manipulates a teenage girl.

Previously titled A Worthy Companion, Carlos and Jason Sanchez’s debut feature follows aimless 30-year-old Laura (Wood) who works for a cleaning company owned by her estranged father (out actor Denis O’Hare). Things start to go off the rails, though, when Laura begins cleaning the house of of 16-year-old Eva (Julia Sarah Stone) and takes too much of a liking to the teen.

Samuel Goldwyn

Before long, Laura becomes Eva’s go-to shoulder to cry on, and their connection slowly deepens, becomingly increasingly inappropriate and unsettling. Ultimately, Eva runs away to live with Laura in her home—and when the relationship goes south, Laura winds up holding the teen hostage.

Wood, a survivor of sexual assault herself, told Vulture that, while she didn’t want to let her character off the hook, she embraced the role as a commentary on the cycles of abuse.

“There’s not really a good or bad guy,” says the Westworld star. “Abuse is a well-rounded tragedy for everyone, because normally, when people are doing that, it’s because they’ve been broken at a very young age. So it’s just as tragic watching somebody be prisoner to their own trauma, not in control of what they’re doing because their perspective is so skewed.”

Allure hits select theaters on March 16.

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