Meet the Logo30: Alok Vaid-Menon

There's much more to being a trans or gender non-conforming person than the violence they face.

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Despite the victories that the LGBTQ community has had, trans and gender non-conforming individuals are still susceptible to facing the brunt of violence and homophobia.

Alok Vaid-Menon, who uses they/them pronouns, channels this into their work, highlighting those in the community who are often erased and overlooked as they tell their own story.

As a performance artist, writer, and educator, Vaid-Menon’s work centers on bringing awareness to the issues that trans and gender non-conforming individuals face on a daily basis. They travel around the world, using their platform to speak about the reality of being a trans or gender non-conforming person in a binary world, but also to share the joy that they cultivate in loving themselves even in light of that. Their eclectic style, their politics, and their work reinforce this, contributing to their growing social and political impact.

“Time and time again, they’re going to tell us that we’re powerless and that we’re insignificant,” they tell NewNowNext. “But that’s precisely because we have power. The reason that we experience so much discrimination and persecution is because people are threatened by the ways in which we have found ourselves and found in our fighting for justice and truth in our own identities.”

Watch Logo’s full interview with Vaid-Menon below.


Writer for NewNowNext, Refinery29, Wear Your Voice, BitchMedia, etc. Budding sex educator. @NerdsOfPreycast cohort. She/Her.