Alyssa Edwards Has A License To Slay In Hilarious Fan-Made “Bond” Parody

We have your new bodyguard right here, Kim Kardashian.

Alyssa Edwards is Alyssa Bond in a new fan-made video that perfectly turns her iconic, golden gun-toting All Stars 2 workroom romp into a teaser for the next big Bond film.

As an added bonus: the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5 favorite also provides sound for the teaser with a series of tongue pops, just like in the equally hilarious “What Do You Mean” parody we showed you in November.

“Me coming to save Kim k from the robbers,” the creator, Tommy Longley, posted on Facebook.

Aside from being totally great, the video is just one in a long line of memes Alyssa’s golden gun inspired online:

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