Kesha Chooses Her Dream “Drag Race” Queen Collaborators

Start praying!

Queens supporting queens!

Kesha hosted a wild AMA on Reddit this week to promote the release of her new album, High Road.

The “Raising Hell” singer tried to take the high road when one fan asked which RuPaul’s Drag Race queen she would most want to collaborate with on a song.

“i don’t know if i could decide just one,” Kesha wrote, “but i love detox she’s a good friend of mine and i have a special place for her in my heart. i love trixie mattel and thorgy thor plays the violin really well. i think we should get every queen from every season and be in a track altogether. and sasha velour also did an amazing performance to praying and i was on her season, i just can’t decide.”

Well, that’s a damn good start! As for non-drag dream collabs, the Grammy nominee named Mick Jagger, David Byrne, Billie Eilish, and Lizzo. Of the ladies, she wrote, “i love how they’re strong badass women and change the face of pop music.”

The vocal LGBTQ ally also responded to a fan who asked what advice she would give someone who couldn’t be out: “feeling celebrated is what i try to bring to all people and i can’t imagine how hard it must feel to not being able to live freely and openly. my advice is to try stay strong and know there are so many places and people that can be a safe haven for u. and just know that u have so much support and i hope u can at least feel that from me, and know that i celebrate u just as u are.”

Last year Kesha name-dropped Detox when Billboard asked her to name her favorite Drag Race queen.

“That’s really hard, because everyone’s a winner in my book, especially anyone on RuPaul’s Drag Race,” the former guest judge replied. “But a good dear, dear friend of mine is Detox, and we used to hang out when I was like 18 and do bad, bad kid things. So she’s my queen.”

Fun fact: Detox appeared in music videos for Kesha’s “Backstabber,” “Take It Off,” and “Sleazy.” Detox also joined squirrel friends Thorgy Thor and Bob the Drag Queen to perform on the pop star’s inaugural Weird & Wonderful Rainbow Ride cruise.

Kesha’s fourth studio album, High Road, dropped January 31, two years after the release of her acclaimed comeback album, Rainbow, which was famously delayed due to her ongoing legal disputes with former producer Dr. Luke.

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