Amanda Bynes “Mentally Unfit” for Trial, No Duh

Schizophrenic superstar Amanda Bynes has not been doing so well.  Yesterday, she failed to appear in court to stand trial for her DUI charges from 2012, for which she had previously pleaded “not guilty.”  Her lawyers are now claiming, and perhaps rightfully so, that Bynes is “mentally unfit” to appear in court, and that she does “not have the mental capacity to understand the nature of the legal proceedings.”  Yikes.

This comes after a slew of public breakdowns and unintentionally avant-garde outfit choices.  After setting fire to a residential driveway, Bynes was placed under round-the-clock psychiatric care.  According to the Huffington Post Lynn Bynes, her mother, currently has a partial conservatorship which “grants her the ability to control decisions involving her health and finances.”

Look, I don’t like to kick a celebrity while she’s down.  So I’ll let Willam, Detox, and Vicky Vox do it for me.

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