Amandla Stenberg Wants Their Next Role to Be a Queer Superhero

"F*** yes. Yes please."

Amandla Stenberg wants their next role to be super. In fact, the actor is itching to play a queer superhero.

The Hunger Games star made headlines last month when they came out as a lesbian last month, and now Stenberg wants to continue breaking barriers with their future onscreen roles. As The Independent reports, Stenberg shared that they would love the chance to portray a queer superhero.

When asked by the Press Association “if they thought it was time for a queer superhero”, Stenberg responded: “F*** yes. Yes please, I would like that. It would be an honor to play that, it would be fantastic.”

Stenberg wouldn’t be the first to play a queer superhero on screen. The upcoming Birds of Prey film will feature lesbian detective Renee Montoya—the first lesbian superhero in a DC film. The CW show, Black Lightning has also featured the first black lesbian superhero on the small screen with Thunder—and that’s also not including the upcoming Batwoman series, which is already in production as the first gay-led superhero show on television, ever.

Stenberg can be seen next in the sci-fi thriller, The Darkest Minds, hitting theaters August 3.

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