Amber Tamblyn Raps About Condoms, Confuses Tyrese

Not Amber Rose

Amber Tamblyn has always seemed like a lovely girl but not much of a comedienne. Sure she is engaged to the hysterical David Cross, but her film and television work tends to be in more earnest fare like Joan of Arcadia and all those movies about the girls who somehow fit into the same jeans despite drastically different body types.

Well, it turns out Amber is one funny, funny motherfuc*er.

It seems that sometimes singer and frequent Transformers star Tyrese Gibson was included on an e-mail with Amber and seeing her name, which reads Amber Rose as Rose is the actress’ middle name, believed her to be the former girlfriend of Kanye West who is currently trying to launch her singing career. So Tyrese, ever the gentleman, emailed Amber to see if they could record together.

This is what Amber sent back, our favorite track being the heartwarming “Contraception Matters.”

Sadly, Tyrese was not amused when he realized he was not dealing with the real Amber Rose and became even more incensed when Tamblyn released her email exchanges and these demos to a website.

Read all their fun exchanges here.