American Horror Story Coven: Who Will Be The Next Supreme?

AHS 01

No amount of holiday cheer can distract us from the fact that there was no American Horror Story Coven this week—in fact the show won’t be returning until January. But that doesn’t mean we’re not still obsessing over the high drama happening in New Orleans. The season is winding down, but one huge question remains: Who will be the next Supreme? Madison’s heart condition has taken her out of the running, but just about anyone else who’s gotten even a scrap of screen time is fair game.

Below, we peer into our crystal ball and divine which American Horror Story Coven character could lead the coven.

Supreme Nan

She’s often underestimated by her peers, but there’s no reason she couldn’t be stronger than anyone realizes. After all, we haven’t seen a single class taught at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. It’s entirely possible Nan’s a fast learner and just hasn’t been given the opportunity to show it.

Supreme Queenie

Though she has deserted her compatriots for now, the Human Voodoo Doll’s at least receiving actual instruction from a powerful mentor. Maybe this story is building toward a conclusion where a spellcaster of color unites the two warring factions. Can’t they all just get along?

Supreme Marie

Marie Laveau
Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants? Misty would have to bring Fiona back from the dead just so we could see the look on her face.

Supreme Zoe

The first episode established Zoe as a narrator of sorts. If this is her story, it makes sense that she’d be the next Supreme. Of course, that means that we’d have to trust Ryan Murphy to follow some sort of coherent narrative structure. Right.

Supreme Diana Ross

Diana Ross
She does have experience wrestling the lead spot from a strong Supreme.

Supreme Myrtle

Myrtle Snow
Poor, put-upon Myrtle. Must she be tormented at every turn? I don’t think she has a shot in hell at running the coven, but you can’t deny that she’s paid her dues and looked good doing it.

Supreme Cordelia

Cordelia Foxx
After some initial setbacks—marrying a philandering witchhunter, getting blinded with acid, soldiering through uninteresting plot arcs—Cordelia finally stepped up to lead her charges into battle. The ability to manage a bunch of bratty teenage girls with sorcerous powers is probably more impressive than good wand technique at this point.

Supreme Patti

Joan Ramsey
Technically she hasn’t shown any magical ability whatsoever, but American Horror Story loves a good plot twist. And she did kill a man with bees.

Supreme Misty

Misty Day
If it weren’t for Misty, there would only be five or six characters left. The coven literally owes her their lives.

Supreme Fiona

She just can’t let go. I’d say there’s a 50/50 chance that the American Horror Story Coven ends with her murdering every last witch rather than giving up her title.