“American Idol”: No, seriously – this really IS a singing contest. We swear!

Paula Abdul’s Beat It, Britney! tour, sponsored by Boniva! (All photos: GETTY)

Last night’s American Idol elimination show proved once and for all that it is the country’s premier vocal competition by featuring a centerpiece performance that was lip-synced and (SPOILER!) sending home one of the season’s strongest singers in favor of the contestant who laid the biggest egg in the history of the Idol finals.

"Holy shit, did I actually just get away with that?!"

Nope, nothing wrong here!

Yeah, I’m a little sore that Allison went home last night, but she’ll be fine. More than anything I’m just not looking forward to having to listen to more of Sally Jessie Gokey’s Blues Traveler Lite routines and Kris Allen’s JJ Casuals: Shoes That Look Like Feet arrangements, but whatever. And come on, didn’t you want to go home with Allison next week and see more of her parents? HOT!

Anyway, way back in the beginning of the live performances I predicted that Adam, Gokey and Allison would be the final three, and I wasn’t that far off. At least Allison still has that Valtrex pitchwoman gig just waiting for her:


Unless Kris beats her to it!


So who else is excited to go home with Adam? I bet he lives in a spaceship! 

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