Americans Are Split Over Which Bathrooms Trans People Should Use


The so-called Bathroom Bill has been making headlines this year when North Carolina passed the HB2 bill, which would make it illegal for transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.

New survey results from YouGov show that Americans who are in favor of the bill, which require transgender people to use the bathroom of their birth gender, barely beat out those who oppose the bill: 39% to 34%. Leaving over a quarter of people surveyed not taking a stance on the bill either way.


When it comes to political party affiliations 55% of Republicans and 40% of independents support the bill banning transgender from using their current gender’s bathroom, but only 27% of Democrats agree with the bill. Almost half of Democrats surveyed, 46%, think that transgender people should be able to use the bathroom of the gender they currently identify with.


When Americans were asked which bathroom they thought transgender people should use, the results were even with 37% saying they should use their birth gender and 37% saying their current gender. YouGov explains that the split results are mostly due to those living in the South. “The South is the only region where people are more likely to say that transgender people should use their birth gender’s bathrooms (41%) rather than their current gender’s (30%).”

DURHAM, NC - MAY 10:  Gender neutral signs are posted in the 21C Museum Hotel public restrooms on May 10, 2016 in Durham, North Carolina.  Debate over transgender bathroom access spreads nationwide as the U.S. Department of Justice countersues North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory from enforcing the provisions of House Bill 2 that dictate what bathrooms transgender individuals can use.  (Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)

North Carolina isn’t the only state with this type of anti-LGBT bill in process. Lawmakers in Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee and Wisconsin are looking to pass the same type of bill in their own state.

h/t: YouGov

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