Two Women Spark A Joint—And A Connection—In “Through The Night”

"Woah, what's it like to date a girl?"

Every Wednesday, we’ll be sharing short films that illuminate queer life. Welcome to #HumpdayShorts.

In her short Through the Night, director Amy Reedy explores the importance of seizing the moment, no matter how brief it is.

Through the Night

Ditching a party, Jamie (Hilary Anderson), a young lesbian, finds solace alone on a rooftop before being joined by another guest, the visibly distraught Fiona (Sydney Stephenson).

As the ladies share a joint, they form an intense connection over feelings of disillusionment and loneliness. But, as Jamie learns, sometimes you’re only given one instant with someone before it’s gone.

This isn’t Reedy’s first time writing about the queer experience: She directed the viral short Truth or Drink, about two women who share more than they anticipated during a drinking game.

Reedy credits her background in social research with sculpting her artistic voice, saying it made her an expert on gender, sexuality and relationships.

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