Watch Anaheim Ducks Daddy Ryan Kesler Walk Around Naked In Honor Of NHL’s Centennial

Quack quack.

We haven’t followed hockey since D3: The Mighty Ducks came out, so it’s fitting that a clip featuring Anaheim Ducks’ Ryan Kesler has caught our attention. Mainly because Kesler is in the buff.

Anaheim Ducks

The video was released this week in honor of the NHL’s 100th anniversary (hence the birthday suit). But given all of the sexual harassment allegations making headlines, it didn’t get the response the team was hoping for. The Ducks took it down, apologizing in a tweet for the “insensitive” content.

The clip “was meant to be a lighthearted video celebrating the NHL’s 100th birthday,” the Ducks said in a statement. “We realize in retrospect the content of the video may have been insensitive and we have removed the video and apologize.”

Maybe Kesler could wear his birthday suit on the ice?

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