Gay Men Are Spending $25,000 To Get Anal Botox

“Sometimes people come with really bad booties."

Say goodbye to brow lifts, tummy tucks and nose jobs and say hello to the hottest new plastic surgery trend: Anal Rejuvenation.

The procedure has been pioneered by Dr. Evan Goldstein, an openly gay Manhattan surgeon who specializes in beautifying the anus with Botox, tightening and loosening procedures.

Goldstein told Moneyish that he was inspired to get into the anal beautification business because he wanted to do something specifically for the gay community. While other surgeons were able to treat hemorrhoids or cancer, they “were not looking at the anus as cosmetic or sexually functional.”

So he opened his own bespoke surgical practice where he offers medical services to treat hemorrhoids and skin tags, as well as cosmetic ones like dilating, tightening and Botox. Procedures can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 depending on the severity of the case.

“Sometimes people come with really bad booties,” said the doctor.

According to Goldstein, many of the cosmetic issues people face actually stem from something medical, which means patients may find that their insurance will cover the procedure.

“It was unquestionably a medical issue. I wasn’t going in and saying, ’Hey, tighten things up and make them look pretty,'” said Joseph, a 45-year-old patient. “[The beautification] was definitely an added benefit. I love it. Everything looks normal again.”

“I had sex with my husband, and it’s like, ’Wow! I’m 20 years younger,'” he added. “This is not a stretched-out ass. It’s back to how it was when he met me 13 years ago.”

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Tom, who spent $70,000 on several medical and cosmetic procedures, said the cost was well worth it for the peace of mind his newly rejuvenated anus has brought him.

“It sounds crazy. People laugh, and they ask, ’Does your butthole look younger now?'” he said. “It probably does! But seriously, I identify with my sexuality very strongly, and I couldn’t receive anal sex for seven years. That was a big issue for me.”

“It was a victory,” he continued. “[Guys are] like, ’Wow, you have a beautiful butthole,’ which [makes] me feel so good. This is all I wanted, from the beginning—for this tiny little thing to look beautiful.”

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