“Anchorman 2” Trailer Gifts World with Paul Rudd’s No-Pants Dance

Brian FontanaAnchorman 2

We’re thrilled to see Will Ferrell return to seventies newscasting. After all, 2004’s  Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is probably his single greatest contribution to popular culture. (What, did you think we we’re gonna say Land of the Lost?)

But this just released trailer for the upcoming sequel Anchorman 2 gets us excited for other reasons. The plot has Ron and the gang heading to New York City to start a 24-hour news channel. Kristen Wiig shows up as an equally dim-witted love interest for Brick Tamlin (Steve Carell), and James Marsden is on hand to provide some handsome competition for Ron.  The teaser trailer’s showpiece however is Brian Fontana (Paul Rudd) apparently jockeying to be cast in a Jockey underwear commercial. He’s Jim Palmer meets Harry Reems and that’s a retro combo we can support.

One quibble, we don’t see much of Christina Applegate who was so great in the original film as Veronica Corningstone. It looks like her role has been reduced in the sequel (ex-wife maybe?) Here’s hoping those two crazy kids can find their way back to one another.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues opens December 20.