Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen’s Gay Getaway: Croatia

Gay Croatia Andy Cohen Anderson Cooper Kelly Ripa

This is what happens when you Google Image "gay Croatia" and then add a photo of Andy, Anderson and Kelly Ripa.

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are soaking up some rays, and maybe more, in Croatia this week. We know this as the two gays took the same photo of a Croatian sunset and then Anderson made a comment about how they are traveling together. Awwwwww, whatever.

Anderson's photo of Andy.

We don’t know that this means they are dating, so don’t jump to conclusions just yet kids. Also, even though Coop’s man was spotted getting tongue freaky at a park with a dude that wasn’t Coop in the daylight hours recently, one of our super sleuth coworkers saw the pair this weekend. Now he had been drinking, probably heavily, but he swears it was them.

“They came out of Anderson’s house and they had bags like they were traveling and Anderson look pissed,” said our dear friend. Now this information would have been nice to know when it ACTUALLY happened, but we can let that slide.

This got us thinking about who will interview Real Housewives cast members this week and just how gay Croatia is. Having never been we spoke to some people we know who have made the trek and returned sober enough to recall aspects of their journey. Trust us, they were few and far between.

Since we had to wait forever for any responses, we decided to google how gay Croatia was. We got this; “It has only been a half decade that GaySail started operating in Croatia, with great pleasure.  More relaxed than then the South of France, with a slower paste than Italy, we are sure that you will give Croatia and the Adriatic a special place in your heart. As from 2004 GaySail started sailing with the Vera, up to enjoy Croatian waters. We want to welcome you on board, and hope you will enjoy this great country.” Makes sense and seems totally gay.

Next, we cornered one dude at work who told us; “When I went to Croatia it wasn’t that gay because I’m not a crazy homosexual. You can say the editor-in-chief [gay magazine redacted] has a house there.” Kind of helpful though, to be honest, we have always thought this particular coworker to be a “crazy homosexual.” We were kind enough to not correct them however.

“The gayest thing I witnessed in Croatia was a long-haired, blond Italian man named Fabio crawling across the top bunk of our hostel room on all fours wearing nothing but a pair of tighty whiteys,” wrote another coworker, who clearly knows nothing about gay people. “Also, we went to Diocletian’s Palace in Split, which I’d recommend all the gays go to for home decorating inspiration.” We don’t decorate all the time creep, stop stereotyping us.

Finally, wanting a fourth and better opinion, we got talking to a friend on Gchat. He just learned there is a warrant out for his arrest so we are not using his actual name as a safety precaution.

Convict:  yes
me:  YES
how gay is it?
Convict: umm, I was there in 2003 before it became a big tourist destination. I think it is kind of gay-friendly, in a don’t be very obvious with it kind of way.
Just last year or the year before there was a huge protest against the gay pride parade and in Split two gay guys got beat up for holding hands or kissing or something
me: Perfect, I am quoting you in a story
Convict: why?
me: Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are there so I am doing a travel piece
You’ll probably become famous
Convict: fingers crossed
maybe I can be one of the players in Anderson’s open relationship

So it seems Croatia may not be such a gay tourist spot. And that my friend wants to bang Anderson Cooper. Contact us if you’re interested Coop.

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