Anderson Cooper Cans Boyfriend Ben Maisani

Anderon Cooper Kelly Ripa

Andy and BFF Kelly Ripa in Croatia. He's totally fine guys.

Anderson Cooper has sent boyfriend Ben Maisani packing, literally, as he dumped his pleasure pal while the two were cruising in Croatia. Cruising like on a yacht.

The National Enquirer reports that Cooper was caught “completely off guard” by photos of Maisani kissing an unidentified man over the weekend, just before their trip, and quickly put an end to Maisani’s vacation, while he stayed on with famous friends Kelly Ripa and Andy Cohen.

Cooper and Maisani had been dating for years, and Maisani was living in Cooper’s NYC townhouse with rumors of a Labor Day wedding being floated around. Some are reporting the pair had an open relationship, but being  photographed midday kissing another dude in a park kind of seems like a dealbreaker, ladies.

So now Cooper can regroup in Croatia, which isn’t that gay, and come back to NYC refreshed and on the lookout for a new man.

Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen’s Gay Getaway: Croatia