Anderson Cooper Thought Seth Meyers Was Gay

Before they were battling for Stefon’s hand in marriage, Anderson Cooper and Seth Myers belonged to “the gayest gym ever,” leading Anderson to believe that Seth was gay. The rest of us just assumed he was from watching him. The man is a military grade gaydar jammer.

After they became gym buddies of course, Anderson appeared in Stefon’s wedding on Saturday Night Live, and presumably ventured to the lower, gayer levels of the gym, where he obviously did whatever it is you belong to a gay gym for.

Honestly, it’s kind of jarring to see Anderson casually talking about his pre-out gay life, even though it was well documented in the press. He just seems so casual about it now considering it’s something he turned away from discussing.

In the second part of the interview they discuss the Malaysian airliner mystery and Anderson’s days as a youth model, which I consider a failure on Seth’s part for not bringing out photos to show us.


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