Social Media Star Andrea Russett Comes Out as Bisexual

The YouTuber came out in an emotional post on Instagram.

Social media personality Andrea Russett is living her truth. She took to her Instagram on Monday, September 24, to write an emotional post coming out as bisexual.

Russett has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, and took to her Instagram to tell her fans what her coming our journey has been like, especially after coming to terms with a former close friend who was homophobic.

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“Sandra and I had a very close, very public friendship. Because of that, I feel it’s best I just address this so we can all move on,” Russett wrote. “I came out to Sandra as bisexual four years ago. (Surprise! Yeah. Not exactly how I planned to come out publicly, but s–t happens I guess). Anyway, she was the very first person I came out to. Following this, as I came out to more and more friends, she was always there to give me advice on girls I liked. She sat with me while I cried about the thought of coming out to my parents. She knew me better than anyone in my life. She was family to me.”

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Sandra, as Russett says, had an altercation with a mutual friend of theirs. In the post Russett says the friend (who attended a nondemotional church with Sandra), shared that she believed that the friend was “going to hell because he was gay.” She also went on to tell him that he could be saved by conversion therapy. Sandra shared these same beliefs for Russett, citing that Sandra believed that “being gay is a choice.”

Russett goes on to talk about her state of mind after the falling out with Sandra, stating that she feels “heartbroken and confused.” But to come out despite this is something that has resonated with her followers, with over 300,000 likes on the post itself.

“I’m choosing to move forward and focus on the people in my life who love and accept me for who I am,” Russett said. “And to anyone who is struggling with anything similar in their life, you are not alone. You are not any less of a person because of who you may choose to love. ‘How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.'”

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