Andrew Rannells Clarifies Whether He And Matthew Morrison Are Married

Start shipping, Broadway fans.

Broadway and TV stars Andrew Rannells and Matthew Morrison are married. At least that’s what Just Jared would have you believe.

Earlier this week the site posted a photo of Rannells and Morrison posing together at Elton John’s Oscars viewing party. Except things got confusing when the caption read “Matthew Morrison Brings Wife Renee to Oscars 2016 Party.”

The Book of Mormon star took to Twitter to clarify any confusion, and to bring sadness to Broadway shippers everywhere:

The actual picture of Morrison and his wife Renee Puente was the cover photo of an album Just jared posted, but if you clicked through to see other shots, the headline remained the same.

Rannells recently stepped into Jonathan Groff’s role in Broadway’s Hamilton, while Morrison just finished his run in Finding Neverland.

Sadly, the celebrity couple of Rannells and Morrison (Rorrison?) will have to stay in the Playbill bio of our dreams.

h/t: Towleroad

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