Andrew Rannells Joins “Girls” As Series Regular, Finally


We love us some Andrew Rannells, and can’t get enough of Girls, but it has kinda been a bummer that Rannells is so infrequently on the show the past few seasons, that and the news that he would again be appearing as just a guest star for season three. But great news has finally arrived friends, as if Girls gets a fourth season, which it totally will, Andrew Rannells will be a series regaular at long last.

Marnie is gonna be totally pissed.

Now, to be fair, Rannells likely could not commit the time the past three seasons as he was working on The New Normal, and likely waiting to hear if it had been renewed while filming season three of Lena Dunham’s critically acclaimed show.

And as for all you who want to whine about how annoying Elijah, the character Rannells plays, is, we aren’t gonna disagree with you there, but we will say we encounter a whole lotta Elijahs every single week in good old NYC.

The best part about Andrew Rannells joining the cast of course is that it means Girls finally has a regular gay character, something it probably should have had from the beginning.

Now check out our interview with Mr. Rannells, where he talks all about getting naked on Girls, below.

h/t: Deadline