Andrew Rannells Defends “Looking”: “It’s Not Supposed To Represent Every Gay Man In America”

Plus, what's next for him after "Girls" ends.

HBO’s Girls is coming to a close so Andrew Rannells continues his press tour as he prepares to say goodbye to Elijah, the character he’s portrayed on the show for the past six seasons.

In a new interview with New York magazine, Rannells talks extensively about being an openly gay actor playing gay roles on TV and the Broadway stage.

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While discussing The New Normal, the NBC sitcom he co-starred in that lasted one season, he blamed having to be “too perfect” with his on-screen husband, Justin Bartha, for one of the reasons the series was canceled—along with the burden of being expected to represent all gay men.

“I experienced that with Lena [Dunham] too — that Lena is somehow supposed to represent every young woman, and that’s not what she set out to do,” Rannells told New York. “She never claimed that.”

The Book of Mormon actor went onto blame representation for one of the reasons HBO’s Looking was canceled. “I think Looking had some of that, too. These guys are just telling a story about these people! They’re not supposed to represent every gay man in America! It’s just this group of friends, that’s all.”


Aside from the legacy of Looking, Rannells also briefly talked about what’s next for him now that Girls is over.

“I’ve been offered a lot of gay besties recently, and they’re not all created equal, so that’s tricky,” he explained. “But there are a lot of really great scripts out there, too, and there are a lot of fantastic writers telling very unique and personal stories. But yes, on top of that, there are also a lot of one- and two-dimensional gay friends, just being drunk and sassy. And I’ve done that for a while.”

Yes, but he’s so good at it! Maybe the Looking creators can put Rannells in their next show to create the ultimate gay Must-See-TV?

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