Andy Cohen Shades Bethenny Frankel, Reveals Favorite “Housewives” Star, And Talks Lovelife

Bethenny Hosts Andy Cohen

Gossip girls Andy Cohen and Bethenny Frankel rub some folks the wrong way with their at times (or all the time) sycophantic behavior, but we love them, we love their shows, we think they’re amazing hosts and interviewers, and we loved nothing more than seeing Mr. Cohen, normally seen running shit on Watch What Happens Live and all those Real Housewives reunion shows, being forced to sit down in the hot seat and reveal some truths on Bethenny’s new talk show, Bethenny, this morning.

Payback’s a bitch.

Here are just a few of the highlights.

Andy throws shade all over Bethenny:

I didn’t initially, if you remember, I didn’t initially want to cast you on the “New York Housewives.” Which is really crazy, come to think of it. I was worried because you’d been on the” Martha  [Stewart] Apprentice,” and I thought; “She’s been on a reality show, how will that play?,” but there was something about you … you were funny, ya know? And we really made you the narrator of that show in a weird way. We made you the entry point for everyone watching the “New York Housewives.”

And though Andy may have opened his comments with shade, as all gay men do, it quickly became clear that Andy has a favorite Bravolebrity, and that Bravolebrity is Angela from Gallery Girls Bethenny.

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Likely feeling jubilant after being identified as Andy’s favorite Housewives star in a sea of struggling handbag designers and women who don’t understand the meaning of the word entrepreneur, and looking forward to giving Ramona Singer the middle finger next time they meet, Miss Frankel soon moved on to the topic of Andy’s love life, and how long it has been since he had a man. Like every good student, she asked the question, listened to what he had to say, and then  threw some shade of her own.

When asked about what Vicki Gunvalson would refer to as his love tank, AC said his last relationship was eight years ago, and he has only been in love two and a half times, adding:

A lot of people say, “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” and I say, “I am a very romantic person or I can be and I am one of those people that I’m waiting to be swept off my feet.

Andy then asked Bethenny how many times she thought people can find love in their life, to which she quickly responded:

I think you are about there, I think you have it about two and a half times.

And that is the story of how Bethenny learned to read. Watch yo back Jill Zarin.

We should add that Andy did emerge the ultimate winner in this daytime talk show battle of the shade, making delightful little underhanded barbs about Bethenny’s nose and boob job later in the interview, all in jest of course. We think.

Latrice Royale would be so proud of it all.

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