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Andy Cohen Reveals The Time You Might Have Seen Him High On Live TV

"It was all so weird and surreal."

Despite being an advocate of marijuana, Andy Cohen swears you’ve never seen him high on Watch What Happens Live. The host did reveal, however, that there was one time he had a pot lollipop before appearing on live TV.

While giving an interview on the Allegedly podcast this week, the Bravo exec said he wouldn’t be very good at his job if he smoked weed before his show, but then admitted that “there’s only been one time I’ve been on TV high.”

“I was at a St. Louis Cardinals game recently and I threw out the first pitch,” Cohen said. “After I did so, I ate a pot lollipop and forgot they were going to be pulling me into the broadcast booth for an interview between the sixth and seventh inning.”

“They came to get me and I was like, ‘Oh shit!’” he added. “I was appropriately high at the time. It was all so weird and surreal.”

Listen to the podcast for more tea spilling from the man behind The Real Housewives, including secrets about his boyfriend and which celebrity couple he’d like to have a threesome with.

h/t: Entertainment Weekly

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