Andy Cohen Wants To Sleep With Justin Bieber, Likes His “Adult-Sized Penis”

Cohen admitted he's got a few dick pics circulating the Internet.

Andy Cohen took a peek at one of the Justin Bieber nude pics floating around the Internet, and the Watch What Happens Live host liked what he saw.

On the “Allegedly with Theo Vonn & Matthew Cole Weiss” podcast Cohen was asked if he’d ever sleep with the scandalous pop star.

“Yes, of course,” he quickly answered. “I think he’s really pretty.”

“I like how smooth he is,” added Cohen. “Not a lot of body hair. I saw the dick pic and I think he’s got a nice, adult-sized penis.”

Cohen revealed there are probably nude pics of him likely circling the Internet, as well. But his face isn’t visible in any of them, so he’s safe… for now.

h/t: Queerty

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