Andy Cohen’s Love Affair With His Dog, Wacha, Is A Beautiful Thing

In 2013 Andy Cohen embarked on a relationship with a fellow who’s even hairier than he is: Wacha, the mixed beagle-foxhound he rescued from a West Virginia shelter.

Andy found Wacha on PetFinder (sort of for four-legged friends) and declared it was love at first sight. “I’m a big fan of Snoopy, and I’d kind of wanted a beagle, and this dog was a beagle mix,” the Bravo personality revealed. “He just struck me. I couldn’t stop looking at him.”


While Andy admits initially he thought Wacha was more dog than he could handle, the pup’s tenacity won him over. “He was trying so hard. At that point I knew, ’you are mine.’ He’s lovely and lovable,” says Cohen. “We are in love.”

This precious pooch even has some celebrity canine friends, including Sarah Jessica Parker’s dog, Kissy Broderick, and Marc Jacobs’ dog Neville Jacobs.

Wacha has made numerous appearances on Watch What Happens Live!, but you’re mostly likely to find him on Andy’s Instagram—or on his own account, which has almost 80,000 followers. Woof!

To find out about adopting a furry friend visit the National Dog Day website.

Below, check out some of Andy and Wacha’s cutest moments together

“End of summer licks from @therealwacha & me!’

“Pre-birthday celebration on Shelter Island w/ @therealwacha!”

“Oh well good morning, @therealwacha! Are you guys following this cool pooch yet? (He won’t let you or I down…)”


“Wacha and I will definitely #KissForPeace, and you should too! Nice job @AXE. #ad”


“I realized today that he’s been using me as a PROP all summer to talk to dudes!!! I am not the hound dog in this relationship! Pissed!!!!”

“I love our morning routine. I hover over him til he opens his eyes, then he gets the gunk out of mine… ”


“First thing I do in the morning is give him a kiss!”


“I am never moving from this spot. I will cancel my plans tonight if he doesn’t wake up.”


“I want everyone to understand how important these little trips outside are for my peace of mind. I treasure them. And I want you to take me seriously even though my ear is flipped over.”


“#TBT to that time I met Naomi. Nice lady. Smelled pretty.”


“I came into work with him tonight just so I could lick the divine Connie Britton! She tastes salty with a hint of Tami Taylor! Delicious!!”


“I could have listened to her all night. #RIP Joan”

“Just to reiterate…. My heart belongs to Daddy!!!”

“Dem pillows doe”