Andy Mientus And Michael Arden Give Us Relationship Goals, Parker Young Denies Pizza Rat Dinner: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Kyle Krieger and Max Emerson continue their (b)romance, Travis Wall's nippes wish you an amazing day, Conrad Ricamora cuddles in bed

How has it got anything to do with trust when you let a renowned celebrity hair stylist trim you up? I’d kill to trust him

The meaning of #trust. @kylekriegerhair. #HOOKED

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Are you trying to even out that arm because the other one is bigger from doing something else?

Back at it ?! #Gym #BoltLife #WishiWasHomeDoingNetflixAndChill

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I feel like this is a deep life lesson somehow. Pizza rat cries for what he’s been denied by Parker

That’s creepy

Bang bang, shoot shoot. @schonmagazine @rickymiddlesworth

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Mornings aren’t for everyone

One of those mornings…

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But Travis seems to make them look good. That full beard is giving me daddy issues

Good morning!!! Have an amazing day!!!

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But is he the only one in your bed?

Best part of coming home. The Monk.

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These two really are relationship goals

Nice back. I guess I need to change my grip on pullups

If you’ll keep walking shirtless on beaches, I’ll donate some money to make it possible

He does get around, doesn’t he?

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but that top right picture is perfect

Is Duke gone?

I guess it’s actually happening folks

I guess it’s still summer wherever he is

I don’t remember seeing this whole set of Colton waking up. It was back in the furry days. Those were good days

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