Angry Neighbors Confront Harlem’s Homophobic “Jesus Stones Homos” Pastor, Get Nowhere

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James David Manning, an anti-gay Harlem pastor who’s admitted to repressing his own “homosexual urgings” in the past, was confronted by local residents this week about the hateful messages he posts on the marquee of his 123rd Street church.

Manning’s Atlah World Missionary Church is known as the “stone the gays church,” a reference to one of the earliest messages he caught flack in the neighborhood for posting.

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In the past, he’s rearranged his marquee at 123rd Street and Lenox Avenue to warn passersby of “homosexual demons” in the neighborhood “looking for some black meat.” On other occasions, he’s used it to claim that “Obama has released the homo demons” and that “Jesus would stone homos.”

In November last year, he made the local news when he claimed Starbucks lattes were laced with “sodomite” semen.

Residents of the neighborhood have had enough of Manning’s antics and confronted him in a segment on WPIX-TV Wednesday.

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“I ended up walking across the street because it’s so hurtful to hold my wife’s hand and these words every time I pass by,” Sharifa Ferryman, a lesbian who lives nearby told cameras. Manning tells her she’s “perverted” and leading an “insidious and wicked lifestyle.”

Another neighbor tells Manning his sign spouts hate speech and incites violence but Manning’s thick skull can’t understand the concept. “This is still America and we have freedom speech,” he says.

When confronted by a father who fears that his kids see the hateful messages, Manning replies, “I pray they see it every day.”

Watch the sick discussion unfold below:

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