‘Two and Half Men’ Kid’s Spiritual Leader Is Homophobic, Terrifying

Angus Jones and Christopher Hudson

If Angus T. Jones had made a rambling video that was just about his newfound Christian faith, and how that faith made it hard for him to appear on Two and a Half Men, that would be one thing.

But instead, the video Jones recently released is kind of terrifying. The more I learn about it, the more I think the kid has been brainwashed by a dangerous spiritual leader.

For one thing, consider how awkward Jones seems through the whole video. He meanders his way through Christian doctrine, sounding like someone who is trying on the words like clothes in a department store, deciding if they fit. Meanwhile, a man named Christopher Hudson is almost constantly beside him, coaching and goading him.

Hudson is the head of Foreunner, an intensely evangelical and paranoid Christian organization that just happened to produce Jones’ testimony video. At the end, we even see Forerunner ads. We’re told to call them, email them, and give them money.

Hmm. It’s possible, then, that Jones isn’t just a newly converted Christian with a testimony to share. It’s possible he’s a confused kid who has been manipulated by Forerunner into spewing all this stuff. It’s possible that Hudson figured a celebrity endorsement could earn more money for his organization, so he somehow worked his magic on Jones.

That may not be what Hudson actually intended, but it’s easy to read that sinister message into this film. It’s easy to see him as a puppet master pulling some young guy’s strings.

It’s even easier to think Hudson is dangerous when you watch his other videos. In one of then, he says that Obama’s reelection and the passage of gay marriage will soon force God to destroy the world. In another, he insists that Jay-Z is part of “the establishment of a Satanic new world order.” That is a direct quote. It’s at :57 in this clip.

So… Do we want to give money to this man? Or should we maybe airlift Angus Jones away from him right now?

Mark Blankenship has written about religion and sexuality for The New York Times and The Advocate. He tweets as @IAmBlankenship