“Animal Kingdom”‘s Gay Character Is Out With A Vengeance This Season

"He’s finally rid himself of some personal demons and can just have fun for once."

Going into its third season, TNT’s Animal Kingdom yet again sees the dirty dealings of the Oceanside, California criminal Cody clan, headed by matriarch Smurf (Ellen Barkin). But this time youngest son Deran (Jake Weary) has completely emerged from the deep closet that he went to violent lengths—including beating up his own family members and an ex-boyfriend—to stay in before.

“This season definitely marks a new chapter in Deran’s life,” says Weary, who previously played a gay teen sorting out his sexuality on soap opera As The World Turns in 2005. “Season three shows a new side of Deran, a more calm and composed side. he’s finally rid himself of some personal demons and is able to let his hair down so to speak and just have fun for once. He’s finally breaking into his own. It’s been very refreshing to smile for once.”

Season three will also see Deran’s ex-boyfriend Adrian (Spencer Treat Clark) re-appear “in a less volatile way,” Weary hints. However, don’t expect things to go completely smoothly, he adds.

Spencer Treat Clark and Jake Weary in Season One.

“Although Deran has been able to express himself sexually without momma Smurf nagging at his conscience, there’s still a lot of love left for Adrian. He feels a sense of sanity and comfort with him that he can’t really find with anyone else. However, someone does happen to pop up spontaneously, furthermore creating a bit of uncertainty as to whether a relationship with Adrian is the right move. Things get very interesting”

Animal Kingdom: Season Three premieres Tuesday, May 29th on TNT. Watch the trailer:

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