2012: The Year In Amazing Animals

2012 was supposed to be the year of the Dragon, but I know a lot more real life creatures that were having a pretty damn good year themselves! Take a look at the below list of the top 12 animals who ruled 2012

12. The dolphin that bit this girl

We’ve all done it. You went to sea world as a kid or you swam with dolphins on your spring break cruise to Cancun. This dolphin had enough with the slave labor and let it be known. 2012 marks the year of the Dolphin revolt!

11. Milly, the world’s smallest dog.

Smaller than a dollar bill, Milly may just be the result of unfortunate inbred puppy mill breeding but it in our hearts she will be the smallest little miracle of 2012.

10.Halloween Squirrel

For years squirrels have stood by and watched as we humans dress up and go door to door asking for treats on Halloween but this year they have finally joined in on the fun. Bless you spooky squirrel!

9.  Hank the cat politician

Hank may have lost the race but the war has just begun.  Democat party 2016.

8. Daddy Penguins 

After trying everything from mating to stealing eggs, these prideful guys finally got a chick of their own. Unicorns, watch your back! Penguins are on their way to being the gayest animal ever.

7. Lil Bub

Be still my heart. I don’t care if he is missing a chromosome, he is a Christmas angel sent from baby Jesus to stop the Mayan Calendar from ending the world. Or something. America loves him so much they honored him with tatts.

That’s permanent bro.

6. The New Zealand dog that passed his driving test 

Note to self: stay the hell out of New Zealand.

5. Cat that disrupted the weather report 

This cat didn’t have time to ask Siri if it was raining. She had to find out for herself!

 4. This dog who loves baths so goddamn much 

I wish I loved anything as much as this pup loves bath time.

3. Wavin’ Beaver

Omg you guys. In 2012 beavers learned to wave so what does that mean for 2013? Will goats learn to text? Will dogs ride razor scooters? Nothing would be worse than a Myspace invite from a cheetah.

2. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat’s thoughts on 2012? Not impressed.

 1. IKEA Monkey

You really can’t blame this monkey because who DOESN’T get lost at IKEA?

IKEA monkey and I will leave you will this video that perfectly sums up my feelings of 2012.