Anna Kendrick Is Angry There Was No Peen On “Game Of Thrones” Last Night


Like us, Anna Kendrick is a fan of Game of Thrones.

And like us, Anna was irritated that Sunday night’s season premiere included no male full-frontal nudity.

Natalie Dormer Wants More Peen On “Game Of Thrones”

Specifically no full-frontal nudity from tall drink of water Michiel Huisman, who plays Daenerys’ hunky adviser, Daario Naharis.

Thank the Seven Gods we got to see that glorious ass last night. And yet, there was no meat to go with those buns.

michiel huisman naked

Game of Thrones is notoriously uneven when it comes to nudity—lots of voluptuous naked women, but you can count the number of male members on one hand. (Well, not Jaime Lannister’s hand.)

Even the cast thinks there should be more dicks on view in Westeros.

“It’s only right, if you’re going to make a show where nudity and sex is a large part of it, that [everyone] be a part of that,” Kit Harrington told GQ last year. Natalie Dormer and other GoT actresses have said much the same.

And it’s not like there’s not ample opportunity. Why, in Sunday night’s episode alone, we got Loras and than male sex worker rolling around in bed until Margaery walked in.

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In fact, it’s a testament to the editors that they actually managed to avoid showing any penis last night.

tumblr_nmomrkd5NZ1st09qzo7_r1_400 tumblr_nmomrkd5NZ1st09qzo1_400

Keep it up, HBO, and you might have the gay mafia to answer to. Does anyone have David Geffen’s email address?

To get us through to another (likely penis-free) episode of Game of Thrones, here’s more of Michiel Huisman, who appears opposite Blake Lively next in The Age of Adaline.

tumblr_n9i4nvv48P1rc7g55o1_250 15 Times Daario Naharis' Butt Fixed Everything fab026a0-ba08-0132-9a55-0e01949ad350

A young, beardless Huisman from French television.

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