Anna Paquin And Holliday Grainger Play Lovers In Lesbian Romance “Tell It To The Bees”

Paquin takes on her first lesbian role in this 1950s love story.

Bisexual actress Anna Paquin stars in the new lesbian drama Tell It To The Bees, with English actress Holliday Grainger (The Borgias) playing her love interest.

Based on a novel of the same name, the film follows the two women as their relationship develops in small-town England in the 1950s.


Doctor Jean Markham (Paquin) is taking over her late father’s medical practice when she meets Lydia (Grainger), a newly divorced single mother. A schoolyard scuffle leads Lydia’s son, Charlie, to see Doctor Markham, who invites mother and son to visit the beehives in her garden. As the official description explains, “the women find themselves drawn to one another in a way that Jean recognizes and fears, and which Lydia could never have expected.”

Now shooting in Scotland, Tell It To The Bees has several women at the helm, with Annabel Jankel directing a script adapted by Henrietta and Jessica Ashworth, twin sisters who currently have seven other feature film and television projects in the works. Jankel recently referred to the project as “an unholy mash-up of 1950s social and magical realism.”

Paquin has been posting photos of her bee experiences on Instagram, along with a shot of her new brunette do for the role.

#beekeeping #beeworkshop #tellittothebees Yes that is a bee I'm holding. Well, she's having a wee rest on my finger.

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More #bees #beekeeping #tellittothebees

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New job, new look! Actually new job, original look! #backtobrunette thanks @davestanwell !!

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Trish Bendix is a Los Angeles-based writer.