How Did Anna Wintour React to a Man Wearing a Dress in a Job Interview?

"Your wardrobe is not going to be doing the job for you."

What should you wear when applying for a job at Vogue? If your style is gender non-conforming, you may have a leg up on the competition.

In a recent episode of the magazine’s video series “Go Ask Anna,” steely editrix Anna Wintour reveals how she reacted when a man showed up to a job interview wearing a dress and carrying a handbag.

“So interesting to me how people dress when they come in for interviews,” Wintour says. “Sometimes you feel they’re wearing clothes that they just bought that morning or maybe the night before, and not something in any way suits their personality and who they are.”


“I think what everybody should remember, whether they’re interviewing at Vogue or indeed anywhere, that we’re not hiring your wardrobe,” the 69-year-old fashion icon continues. “Your wardrobe is not going to be doing the job for you, it’s who you are.”

“I’ll always remember a young man who came in in a dress and a handbag, and I gave him the job on the spot.” Congrats, queen!

“You have to dress for yourself,” Wintour concludes, “and it’s the same for any job that you might be going for. I think it doesn’t do yourself a service to fake it.”

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