Anne Hathaway Shares Weight Loss Secret In ‘Vogue’: Don’t Eat

anne hathaway vogue weight loss secrets

Pretty. Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Anne Hathaway covers the December issue of Vogue, and inside the actress, who we totally think is gonna win an Oscar for her work in Les Miserables, shares how she lost all that weight to play the destitute Fantine — by not eating.

The actress tells writer Adam Green that after a cleanse to help her lose 10 pounds she took a brief break and then lost an additional 15 pounds by eating nothing but “two thin squares of dried oatmeal paste a day.” That’s right, Annie ate the equivalent of two crackers, minus the flavor and calories, a day.

That’s not all either, as the actress also chopped off all her hair, just as Fantine does in the story. Luckily, she did stop short of actually yanking out her front two teeth for the sake of her character.

The rest of the article is all about her recent wedding and how happy she is and how she feels more beautiful than ever at 30, typical Vogue profile stuff. She is keeping the short hair and seeing as the interview took place at a “vegan-friendly restaurant” we assume she is still way thinner than all of us.

That being said, with the starvation diet and cutting off of all the hair, combined with her amazing performance (or the two minutes we have seen), this girl better win an Oscar — at the very least.

And, honestly, aren’t the Oscars all about honoring pretty ladies who make themselves ugly.

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