Annie Clark a.k.a. St. Vincent Breaks From Polyphonic With Her Cheeky New Album!


Annie does have that certain saintly glow going on.

Annie Clark has a cool sense of humor, which made me happy; when I first heard about her, I thought she was your typical, pretentious, indie singer.

In her song “Marry Me,” she pressures a man to hurry up and propose even though she won’t be loyal to him, promising he won’t even notice when she’s gone. Then she sings, “Let’s do what Mary and Joseph did…without the kid.”

Annie Clark is actually, in her music career, known as St. Vincent. Again, I thought this was just another obnoxious, indie-band name, but no, St. Vincent is just her. And St. Vincent’s debut album, also called Marry Me, comes out tomorrow.

You may know Annie from her time in Polyphonic Spree as well as in Sufjan Steven’s touring band. But now she’s showing some definite promise as a solo artist; Spin calls her album “fanciful, sophisticated indie-rock," and Annie uses her humor throughout her album, which she calls, “smirking, but sincere.”

More on St. Vincent and her rough beginnings after the jump!


Annie’s got this guitar down…She also plays half a dozen other instruments.

Pitchfork is featuring a live St. Vincent performance of her song, “Paris is Burning,” which is actually from her EP she released last year; you can watch it here. She’s very pretty, isn’t she? She also looks like she’s from Paris – but I guess she’s not…

Anyway, Annie’s not like most 24-year old girls in the music industry these days, but supposedly she found a label that fit her style in Beggars Banquet (they also rep M.I.A.). Other labels, including Capitol Records, wined and dined her, but suggested she change her musical style and go for a spread in Maxim. Not her thing, guys.

Annie’s phone wasn’t always ringing, though; she actually almost quit the music business altogether just two years ago. She was living in New York, but the costs were wearing down on her (I feel you, Annie!), and she even had to sell her favorite guitar to pay her rent.

So, in 2005, Annie headed south to her home in Dallas. But within days of moving back, the Polyphonic Spree came along (they’re also from Dallas) to rekindle her love of music – or at least give her a chance to make a living out of her love. She told the Dallas Morning News, "I was losing faith, and the Polyphonic Spree was literally redemption in a robe."

During her tour with Polyphonic, Annie took time to write her own music, and folk mogul Mr. Stevens signed her to join his band as an opening act upon hearing just a rough cut of Marry Me. After that, Beggars signed Annie in November after a show with Mr. Stevens in London.

She’s come a long way from landlord-dodging. Stay saintly, Annie!