Announcing the 2012 AfterElton Hot 100!

Prepare yourselves for the 100 hottest men on Earth!

This year in our sixth annual Hot 100 reader poll, over ninety thousand votes were cast by our readers for over fifteen hundred different men. We tallied the votes and ranked the top 100 vote-getters.

Given our readership of gay men and their friends, it’s no surprise that gay or bi guys are well-represented on this year’s Hot 100 (roughly 20%). And many of the straight folks who made the cut have either played compelling gay roles before, or have spoken up in support of marriage equality and GLBT rights. Our diverse list includes actors, musicians, politicians, and athletes. And we’re thrilled to note that men of color are better represented than they have been in previous years.

Will last year’s winner Darren Criss pull off a repeat? What up and coming hot celebrities made the cut for the first time? All will be revealed in the gallery below.

100. Joshua Bowman

Making his first appearance on this list, the 24-year-old British actor currently draws our attention as troubled rich boy Daniel Grayson on ABC’s Revenge.

You can find him on Twitter at @OfficialBowman

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty


99. Alan Ritchson

He made quite a splash as Smallville’s Aquaman, but we didn’t find out he had a sense of humor until his sublime turn as Thad Castle in Spike TV’s Blue Mountain State.

Follow him on Twitter @alanritchson

Photo: Clinton Gaughran/AfterElton


98. Jon Hamm

Mad Men’s Don Draper makes heavy drinking and sixties slim cut suits irresistible. Small wonder the man who plays him is on this list.

Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage


97. Alex Pettyfer

Shirtless in Beastly, sure to be even more exposed in the upcoming Magic Mike. We’re liking this British import.

Photo: CBS Films


96. Dylan O’Brien

As cute sidekick Stiles, he’s possibly greatest thing about the impossibly addictive Teen Wolf.

Photo: Leslie Bryce/Troix Magazine


95. Wilson Cruz

He’s come a long way from his days as Claire Danes’ sidekick in My So Called Life. Just look at those freaking arms!

Follow him on Twitter @wcruz73

Photo: Clinton Gaughran/AfterElton


94. Damon Wayans Jr

New Girl wanted him, but Happy Endings had dibs. Actually, they can both stand in line behind us. Gorgeous and hilarious, a powerful combination.

Photo: Mark Davis/Getty


93. Tom Ford

Now here is a man that never falls out of fashion. The oh so dashing Tom Ford. We bet he smells really good.

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty


92. Idris Elba

He killed as a suave yet ruthless gang lord in The Wire. Who knew that Baltimore accent was a total put on? The oh so fine Brit more recently seduced Laura Linney (and us) on The Big C and won a Golden Globe for Luther.

Photo: Stephane Danna/AFP/Getty


91. Joel-McHale

Community needs to find every possible reason to get this man out of his clothes.

Follow him on Twitter @joelmchale

Photo: NBC


90. Max Greenfield

We’ve loved Greenfield ever since his turn as the adorable Officer Leo on Veronica Mars, but his current gig as Schmidt on New Girl has everyone taking notice.

Follow him on Twitter @iamgreenfield

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty


89. President Barack Obama

We really like the man our Commander-in-Chief has evolved into.

Photo: Chris Schneider/Getty


88. James Marsden

His prince charming looks have always masked killer comedic timing. The Oklahoma boy and former Versace model drew raves this past season on 30 Rock as Liz Lemon’s sensitive hot dog vendor boyfriend.

For a guy like him we’d risk the nitrites.

Photo: Ray Tamarra/Getty


87. Adam Pally

His schlub gay guy routine on Happy Endings tickles our fancy. Sexy without trying at all.

Follow him on Twitter @adampally

Photo: Alexandra Wyman/WireImage


86. James McAvoy

The compact Scotsman was scorching in Atonement, but more recently he blew our minds as a pre-wheelchair Professor X in X-Men: First Class. We can’t wait for the sequel.

Photo: Focus Features


85. Paul Wesley

Born Paul Wasilewski, the son of immigrant Polish parents, he currently steams up Thursday nights as The Vampire Diaries’ Stefan Salvatore.

Photo: The CW


84. Kit Harington

Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow has any number of charms, but a good hunk of them are wasted under his fur parka costume. Please, GoT, get this boy to warmer climes!

Photo: Jake Chessum/Men’s Journal


83. Alex O’Loughlin

He’s been a vampire, a love interest for Jennifer Lopez and now he’s Hawaii Five-0’s Steve McGarrett. Book him, Danno!

Photo: CBS Films


82. Kris Allen

We can’t begrudge his American Idol season seven win over Adam Lambert. Great musicianship, unassuming attitude, sheepish charm… and that perfect parallelogram mouth. We could watch him sing for hours.

Photo source


81. Eric Sheffer Stevens

He gave up his heart on the now defunct As the World Turns. A raw deal, but he has ours forever apparently.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images


80. Justin Bartha

The Hangover hottie is like a more accessible Armie Hammer. We’re torqued to watch him on Ryan Murphy’s The New Normal.

Photo: Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer


79. Brad Pitt

Some things just get better with age. And loving the glasses, Brad. We respect your authoritaah!

Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/GettyImages


78. Charlie Williams

He’s performed in hits like Memphis and How to Succeed in Business, but this smoking hot dancer’s “crowning” achievement? Named “Mr. Broadway” at 2010’s Broadway Beauty Pageant.

The Broadway community knows how to spot talent!

Photo source


77. Chace Crawford

That face. That fabulous face. The Texan who plays Gossip Girl’s Nate Archibald is a paragon of male beauty.

Photo: The CW


76. Ryan Kwanten

True Blood’s Jason Stackhouse is sex on a stick thanks to the charming Aussie who plays him. We so understand why the ladies of Bon Temps (and a certain newbie vampire) are smitten with him.

Follow him on Twitter @Ryan_Kwanten

Photo: HBO


75. Matthew Morrison

Sexy and multi-talented, he’s the music teacher we wish we could’ve had.

Follow him on Twitter @Matt_Morrison

Photo: Jo Hale/Getty Images


74. Shemar Moore

He’s made us Restless for years, and given us Criminal thoughts.

Photo source


73. Jake Shears

The out Scissor Sisters frontman is a trailblazing force of nature, on stage and off.

Follow him on Twitter @jakeshears

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images


72. Van Hansis

He brought us one of soap’s most iconic gay characters. Even after two years off the air, he still makes our world turn.

Photo: Seth Fisher


71. Karl Urban

We Judge this New Zealand native gorgeous, and we’d love to jump his … Bones.

Photo Gregg DeGuire/Getty


70. Bradley Cooper

He’s certainly on our A-Team, and definitely gives us a love Hangover too. Just look at those fabulous blue eyes.

Photo: Getty


69. Jared Leto

The actor/musician has carved out his own niche in Hollywood and followed his own rules. And is it just us, or does he never seem to age?

Follow him on Twitter @JaredLeto

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images


68. James Duke Mason

Belinda Carlisle’s out son has become a strong political voice, and we’re mad about him.

Follow him on Twitter @JamesDukeMason

Photo: Adam Bouska/NOH8


67. James Franco

The eccentric star lives in a world all his own, and we love spending time there with him.

Follow him on Twitter @JamesFrancoTV

Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty Images


66. Trevor Donovan

He may have left Beverly Hills, but we’d follow him to any zip code.

At the least, you should follow him on Twitter @TrevDon

Photo: Leupold & Gomillion


65. Sean Maher

He found Serenity this year as an out gay man, and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Follow him on Twitter @Sean_M_Maher

Photo: Clinton Gaughran/AfterElton


64. Andrew Garfield

He’s about to see his star skyrocket, and we are already caught in his web.

Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage


63. Colton Haynes

He may not be a werehunk on Teen Wolf, but he still makes us howl.

Follow him on Twitter @ColtonLHaynes

62. Tom Hardy

The intense English actor isn’t afraid to bare all, and is the Bane of predictability.

Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage


61. Taylor Lautner

As he moves into the twilight of his teen roles, we can’t wait to see his leap to leading man status.

Follow him on Twitter @OfficialTL

Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images


60. Eli Lieb

This out musician can take us to his “Place Of Paradise” any time.

Follow him on Twitter @elilieb

Photo source


59. Eddie McClintock

He’s that rarest of artifacts: Gorgeous, funny, and with a heart of gold.

Follow him on Twitter @EddieMcClintock

Photo: Clinton Gaughran/AfterElton


58. Gareth Thomas

Oh Alfie! The retired Rugby God is the template for successful out sports stars.

Follow him on Twitter @gareththomas14

Photo source


57. Matt Smith

The current Doctor has the cure for what ails us. He’d have no problem luring us into that phone booth.

Photo: Bobby Bank/WireImage


56. Ewan McGregor

The sexy Scot is still making us swoon, 15 years after he first bared all on screen.

Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage


55. Dan Feuerriegel

As Agron on Spartacus, this Aussie heartthrob can unsheath with the best of them.

Follow him on Twitter @DgFeuerriegel

Photo source


54. Chris Pine

Those lips, those eyes. His rising star is Unstoppable, and we’ll boldly go wherever that next step may be.

Photo: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images


53. Chandler Massey

Playing the soap world’s newest gay teen, he’s brought a quiet dignity to the histrionics of daytime. And he just won an Emmy for it!

Follow him on Twitter @ChandlerMassey

Photo: Clinton Gaughran/AfterElton


52. Matthew Mitcham

The golden boy of the Olympics, we’ll see his ray of sunshine illuminate us once again this summer.

Follow him on Twitter @matthew_mitcham

Photo: Clive Rose/Getty Images


51. Jeremy Renner

The two-time Oscar nominee represents the best of the new leading man.

Follow him on Twitter @_JeremyRenner

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images


50. Ben Cohen

This rugby star combats bullying with his StandUp Foundation. Plus, that smile (and the rest) makes us melt every time.

Follow him on Twitter @RugbyBenCohen

Photo source


49. Mark Salling

Puck’s nefarious stare is a Glee standard, and we’ll always support his biting intensity at McKinley High.

Follow him on Twitter @Mark_Salling

Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic


48. Joe Manganiello

The True Blood hunk understands the gays. And we understand him! We’ll be checking out his naughty firefighter finesse in Magic Mike.

Follow him on Twitter @joemanganiello

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty


47. Daniel Radcliffe

Has there ever been such a righteous LGBT ally in a mainstream blockbuster kids film? DanRad is pricelessly cool and candid.

Photo: Fotonoticias/WireImage


46. Hugh Jackman

Wolverine was one of the most underrated Oscar hosts of recent years. Next up for this song and dance superhero: this year’s Les Miserables.

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty


45. Johnny Depp

Tim Burton’s favorite pirate is still impeccable at age 49. You know he and Helena Bonham Carter sit around dreading the day they’ll have to play each other.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty


44. Cory Monteith

We love Finn. Cory Monteith is cute, self-effacing, and hilarious in real life.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty


43. Ryan Reynolds

The Green Lantern is a chiseled, muscular stud, but perhaps his coolest accomplishment remains dating Alanis Morissette.

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty


42. Adam Levine

“Moves Like Jagger” was the definitive summer jam of 2011, and Adam’s delicate, beautiful features make The Voice worth slogging through.

Follow him on Twitter @adamlevine

Photo: Michael Stewart/Getty


41. Jonathan Groff

Glee’s Jesse St. James is an out, lovable hunk who we’ll always cherish for originating the role of Melchior Gabor in Spring Awakening.

Photo source


40. Nathan Fillion

Castle may be his biggest hit, but we can’t shake the fond memory of Mr. Fillion from our beloved Firefly.

Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC


39. Russell Tovey

Forget Team Jacob– when it comes to supporting seductive werewolves, we’re Team George all the way and superfans of Being Human.

Follow him on Twitter @russelltovey

Photo: Dave M. Bennett/Getty


38. Alexander Skarsgård

The man who is so happy to get naked playing True Blood’s Eric Northman is the bloodiest pile of gorgeousness we know.

Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC


37. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Can’t wait to see him in The Dark Knight Rises, but we adored his sensitivity in 50/50. And Mysterious Skin remains a dark and disturbing masterpiece.

Follow him on Twitter @hitRECordJoe

Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage


36. Robert Downey Jr.

The perennial hottie is woozily attractive in Sherlock Holmes, and he proved that Iron Man is forever awesome in The Avengers.

Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage


35. Max Adler

Dave Karofsky is one of Glee’s most human characters, and the down-to-Earth Max Adler perfectly fills his shoes.

Follow him on Twitter @MrMaxAdler

Photo source


34. Michael Fassbender

Shame’s frontal nudity may have been the defining moment of 2011, but don’t forget his equally hostile sexuality from A Dangerous Method!

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty


33. David Tennant

The supreme Doctor Who? We think so. “Allons-y!”

Photo: Wendy Redfern/Getty


32. Channing Tatum

He’s been hot before, but we have a new-found respect for Mr. Tatum’s hotness now that he’s bearing (most) all of it in Magic Mike.

Follow him on Twitter @channingtatum

Photo: Sony Pictures


31. Henry Cavill

From The Tudors to the Immortals to next year’s Superman reboot. We can’t wait to see how he fills out those red and blue tights.

Photo: Relativity Media


30. Misha Collins

Supernatural’s Castiel is pretty damn angelic, and we’d like to see more of his celestial body.

Follow him on Twitter @mishacollins

Photo source


29. Luke Macfarlane

Here’s how we like our gay men: out, gorgeous, and costarring in a family drama with Sally Field. Perfection.

Photo source


28. Cheyenne Jackson

He may be snarky fun on Glee, but we adore Cheyenne’s nice guy appearances on 30 Rock even better. More of our gay heroes should bed Liz Lemon.

Follow him on Twitter @cheyennejackson

Photo: Karl Simone/


27. Ian Somerhalder

The lupine star of The Vampire Diaries continues to be our favorite member of the undead.

Follow him on Twitter @iansomerhalder

Photo: The CW


26. Jake Gyllenhaal

We gawped at his beauty in last year’s Source Code, but he’s forever our Jack Twist.

Photo: John MacDougall/AFP/Getty


25. David Burtka

He’s an intrepid E! reporter, but we love him most as one half of the most dapper gay couple in Hollywood. NPH has fine taste.

Follow him on Twitter @Davidburtka

Photo: David Livingston/Getty


24. Josh Hutcherson

As the dogged Peeta Mellark of The Hunger Games, Hutcherson is a fierce and adorable screen presence. We at AE have loved him since The Kids Are All Right, of course.

Follow him on Twitter @jhutch1992

Photo source


23. Chord Overstreet

Glee’s Sam Evans had us smitten the minute he achieved the impossible: making the song “Billionaire” bearable.

Follow him on Twitter @chordoverstreet

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty


22. Tom Hiddleston

As Loki in The Avengers, Mr. Hiddleston is one trickster hero whose sinister stare we fully support.


21. Jo Weil

As one half of the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe’s hottest couple, Mr. Weil slays us with his unbelievable body and cute waiterly charms.

Photo: Christian Holthausen


20. Benedict Cumberbatch

Tall and lanky, the lines of a thoroughbred, and entirely believable as the insanely brilliant modern day Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock. We’d follow him around like Watson too!

Photo: Matthew Lloyd/Getty


19. Zac Efron

While we eagerly anticipate his role in The Paperboy alongside Nicole Kidman, we’re satisfied with what Efron gives us on a daily basis: preened, smokin’ Mattel hotness.

Follow him on Twitter @ZacEfron

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage


18. Thore Schölermann

The man who plays Christian on German soap Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) has a chemistry with co-star Jo Weil that is a sight to behold, and the two have developed a huge, worldwide fanbase– thanks in no small part to all those steamy clips on YouTube!

Photo courtesy T Schölermann


17. Zachary Quinto

He came out this year as a matter of conscience, showing other celebs exactly how it’s done. We loved his stint on American Horror Story and adored him in the underrated Margin Call. Look for him in 2013 in the Star Trek sequel.

Follow him on Twitter @ZacharyQuinto

Photo: Gaye Gerard/Paramount


16. Anderson Cooper

He swore up a storm on Kathy Griffin’s couch, giggled like the cutest little silver fox of all time on AC360, and even fronted his own talk show this year. Oh Anderson, we certainly see a lot of you– and yet, wish we knew you better.

Follow him on Twitter @andersoncooper

Photo: Joey Foley/Getty


15. Gale Harold

The onetime Queer as Folk super-stud has kept busy in recent years with Desperate Housewives, Hellcats, and most recently The Secret Circle. But he’ll always be Brian Kinney to us!

Photo: The CW


14. Grant Gustin

The candid AfterElton fave took our breath away when he joined Glee in 2011 as the adorable yet dastardly Sebastian Smythe.

Follow him on Twitter @grantgust

Photo: Clinton Gaughran/AfterElton


13. Ricky Martin

Dare we say that Ricky Martin is hotter than ever? The out papi was Glee’s most sizzling-hot guest star this season.

Follow him on Twitter @ricky_martin

Photo: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic


12. Chris Hemsworth

The bulkier Hemsworth woos Snow White and wields Thor’s hammer with equal finesse.

Follow him on Twitter @HemswChris

Photo: David M. Bennett/Getty


11. Ryan Gosling

“Hey girl.” The former mouseketeer had a banner year in 2012, jumping from the frivolity of Crazy Stupid Love to the intrigue of The Ides of March to the grim adventures of Drive. Did we mention he was untouchably hot in all three? Because he was.

Photo: Warner Bros.


10. Adam Lambert

His sophomore release Trespassing went #1. The out-and-proud star continues to be our American Idol!

Follow him on Twitter at @adamlambert

Photo: Jeff Fusco/Getty


9. Harry Shum Jr.

Glee’s Mike Chang kills us with his moves. Gorgeous.

Follow him on Twitter @iharryshum

Photo source


8. John Barrowman

The out alum of Torchwood, Desperate Housewives, and Doctor Who is a perennial Hot 100 achiever. He also finished second in our Gay/Bi Men of the Decade poll. Still impressive!

Photo: Tony Barson/WireImage


7. Chris Evans

He slayed us in The Avengers, We’ll have to wait until 2014 for the hard-bodied sequel.

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty


6. Jensen Ackles

The smoking hot Supernatural star intrigued us on Dark Angel and Smallville, but he was born to play Dean Winchester. Wincest is best!

Photo: The CW


5. Neil Patrick Harris

From the Tonys, to Barney Stinson, to raising babies, NPH is a whip-smart, super-hot homosexual for the ages.

On Twitter at @ActuallyNPH

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS


4. Jared Padalecki

Supernatural fans unite! Sam Winchester and his dreamy hair have roused you since 2005.

Find him on Twitter at @jarpad

Photo: David Livingston/Getty


3. Matt Bomer

The White Collar scorcher could’ve just been a cable pin-up, but he insists on revealing more of himself in the upcoming stripper feature Magic Mike. Poor us!

Photo: Warner Bros.


2. Chris Colfer

Glee’s brightest light expands his resume this year with Struck by Lightning and a soon to be released children’s book. He’s our overachieving, gay boy wonder, and we expect big things from him in the future.

Follow him on Twitter at @chriscolfer

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty


1. Darren Criss

He’s hot, charming, and forever our teenage dream as Blaine Anderson on Glee. This is his second year atop the Hot 100. Impressive? Indeed.

Follow him on Twitter at @DarrenCriss

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty


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