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Anti-Gay Flier Claims Texas GOP Candidate Is Closeted Queen Who Trolls Rest Stops

"District 128 voters should keep Briscoe Cain out of the men's restrooms, as well."

In one Texas Republican primary, the real race is to see who can be more homophobic, as fliers have surfaced depicting one candidate as a closeted homosexual who frequents gay bars and men’s bathrooms.

Newcomer Briscoe Cain, who is challenging incumbent state Rep. Wayne Smith (R-Baytown) for a seat in the Texas Statehouse, appears in a flier suggesting he’s secretly gay.

The note declares Cain “is well known to those who frequent Montrose area night clubs and gay bars,” referencing a Houston neighborhood with a thriving gay community.

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Elsewhere it depicts a park restroom with two men kissing and a caption reading: “Houston voters want to keep men out of woman’s locker rooms and restrooms. District 128 voters should keep Briscoe Cain out of the men’s restrooms as well.”

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A picture of the attorney suba-diving on vacation also appears in the circular, which promises Smith will vote for an anti-trans bathroom bill and orders readers, “On May 24th say NO to indecency. Say NO to Briscoe Cain.”

Cain, who is married to a woman and has two children (with another on the way), denies the allegations and claims the photos of him in the flier were taken from a friend’s MySpace page, from when he was much younger.

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“The accusations are false, and the Wayne Smith campaign knows better,” Cain campaign consultant Luke Macias told the Houston Chronicle. “It’s a desperate politician trying to protect the power he has.”

Though the flier is labeled as being paid for by the Smith camapign, the 72-year-old legislator said the flier “was not authorized or approved.”

If Cain is indeed secretly gay, you certainly can’t tell from his platform. On his website, he declares marriage as between one man and one woman. He also promises to beef up border security and end “the abortion industry” in Texas.

Yeah, straight people, you can keep Briscoe Cain. We don’t want him.

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