Anti-Gay Pastor Threatens To Dress Up Like A Woman To Protest LGBT Rights Ordinance

"I am gonna 'pee' next to your women in the women's bathroom and let's see how y'all feel," says Pastor Kenneth Adkins.

Kenneth Adkins, an anti-gay pastor in Georgia, threatened to dress up as a woman and barge into the ladies room to protest a proposed LGBT-rights measure in Jacksonville, Florida.

The effort to expand the city’s current human-rights ordinance will not considered until 2016, but is a hot button issue nationwide. Jacksonville is the largest city in the nation without any civil-rights protections for LGBT individuals.

In a message on Facebook, Adkins, calling himself “Miss Jane,” threatened to stage a protest at the Duval County Democratic Banquet, where from out lesbian Houston mayor Annise Parker was slated to speak.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 28:  Mayor of Houston Annise Parker speaks onstage during the Family Equality Council's 2015 Los Angeles Awards dinner at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 28, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Family Equality Council)
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“I am gonna ’pee’ next to your women in the women’s bathroom and let’s see how y’all feel,” he wrote.

He also posted a flier encouraging black Democrats to boycott the event, saying the party had replaced “the black agenda” with “the homosexual agenda.”


“Duval Black Democrats have very quiet about this issue because the homosexuals have fooled them into thinking that Black Lives Matter. Trust me, they ain’t marching for black folks. I got a message for the homosexuals: You can still go to hell!”

Parker told WFOX-TV that Adkins proposed protest proves he “has no concept at all of what gender identity truly is and how hateful and hurtful that is.”