Homophobic Pastor Scott Lively Just Qualified For The Massachusetts Governor Primary

"The natural family of a man and woman...is the self-evident foundation of all civilization," says the pastor who lobbied for Uganda's "Kill the Gays" bill.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has a new opponent for the Republican primary: world-renowned homophobe Scott Lively.

Lively, the conservative pastor who runs Abiding Truth Ministries, received 28% of the vote at the state convention last weekend, far more than the 15% needed to appear on the primary ballot.


He has actively promoted anti-LGBT laws in Uganda and Russia and hopes to bring them to the United States as well.

In 2016, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) filed a lawsuit against Lively accusing him of crimes against humanity, claiming he convinced lawmakers in Uganda to pass draconian anti-gay laws. In multiple trips over a course of a decade, SMUG maintains Lively fostered hatred and violence against LGBT Ugandans, who he labeled “brutal savages” and pedophiles.

As a result of lobbying from Lively and other anti-gay pastors, Ugandan lawmakers passed what critics called the “Kill the Gays” bill, which called for harsher penalties, including the death penalty, for LGBT people. The law was eventually struck down as unconstitutional though advocates say the policy could return.

In 1995, Lively wrote The Pink Swastika, which claimed the early Nazi Party was controlled by “militaristic” homosexuals, who inspired the murder of six million European Jews.

He’s positioned himself as a pro-Trump answer to Baker, who is far more LGBT-friendly and critical of the president. On his campaign website, Lively advocates for traditional marriage, writing, “The natural family of a man and woman united in life-long marriage for mutual love and support and the bearing and nurturing of children, through birth or adoption, is the self-evident foundation of all civilization.”

On the campaign trail, he’s also promised to go after Massachusetts transgender anti-discrimination law, which allows people to choose public facilities based on their gender identity and protects trans people from discrimination in public spaces.

The Massachusetts state primaries will be held on September 4.

Lamar Dawson is a pop culture junkie and pop diva addict living in Manhattan. Follow him on everything @dirrtykingofpop.