Police Investigating Anti-Gay Graffiti, Protests Against School Teaching LGBTQ Affirming Lessons

A gay teacher has also been threatened.

Police in Birmingham, England are investigating as protests against a school for teaching LGBTQ affirming lessons rages on.

As previously reported, Andrew Moffat, who happens to himself be a gay man, heads up a program called “No Outsiders,” which focuses on the importance of diversity and acceptance. He has received threats and demonstrations have been going on outside the school where he works, Parkfield Community School.

The area is predominantly Muslim, and some argue the lessons go against their religious beliefs. Christian activist Stephen Green has also taken part in the protests, which appear to be intensifying.

Footage circulating on social media shows a man calling the diversity education “aggressive indoctrination” and “very toxic.”

A spokesperson for LGBTQ advocacy organization the Naz and Matt Foundation called on police to get involved, according to the BBC, saying the video showed “incitement of hatred,” adding that “encouraging children and parents to publicly shout ’shame, shame, shame’ outside of a primary school towards those inside is not acceptable.”

West Midlands Police said no formal complaints had been made about the demonstrations, but said it was investigating homophobic graffiti discovered on the school premises.

“Video footage circulated on social media is being reviewed to establish whether any additional offences [sic] have taken place,” police said in a statement.

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