Neighbors Fill Streets With Pride to Combat Homophobic Letter Sent to Same-Sex Couple

The note called their relationship, and the fact they were raising a child together, "immoral and wrong."

Residents of a Hull, England neighborhood have rallied to the support of a same-sex couple who received a letter calling their relationship, and the fact that they were raising a child together, “immoral and wrong,” and suggesting they move elsewhere.

The offending note was slipped through Stephanie Trotter and Vikki Parkey’s letter box overnight on Thursday, BBC reports.

“For somebody to come out of their way to post something through the letterbox in the night, that was probably the most scary and upsetting thing,” Parkey told ITV News.

She added that she and Trotter knew there were still people out there who had such views as those expressed by the author (or authors) of the letter, but that she wanted their child, who is 17-months-old, to grow up “knowing that love is love.”

“She just wants love and that’s what we give her,” Trotter told the BBC.

Neighbors are showing their support for the couple by flying rainbow flags, and posting affirming messages in their windows.

“We live in 2019, people should be able to bring a child up same-sex and live in a street and be happy,” one neighbor said.

“We are absolutely disgusted. You could not wish for nicer neighbors,” said another.

Local rugby team the Hull Kingston Rovers invited the couple to deliver the match ball to the pitch on Saturday, with the team expressing that it was “shocked” by the situation and stressing that everyone is welcome at their events.

“I think it’s great that the immediate community are rallying round this amazing family,” said Andy Train, chair of the Hull and East Riding LGBT Forum. “Having dreadful and horrible thoughts is an issue for [the letter writer] to sort out, please do not foist them on people getting on with their lives.”

“We have spoken to the resident, offering her advice and support and are investigating the incident,” said a spokesperson for Humberside Police.

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