Arctic Monkeys Rocked The Olympics: Here’s Your Starter Kit

Alex Turner, singer and Arctic Monkey

There were a lot of familiar names rocking the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, including Paul McCartney, who will apparently be packing houses until he’s 103, and my beloved Emeli Sande, whom I’ve written about several times and who still hasn’t broken through in America. If you saw her perform and thought she ruled, then go listen to this song. I can wait…

Somewhere in between Emeli and Paul, though, was the band Arctic Monkeys, who covered the Beatles’ “Come Together.” They’ve had a top ten album in America—2007’s Your Favorite Worst Nightmare—but since you only have to sell, like, 35 copies to make the top ten these days, that hardly makes them a household name. Like so many foreign acts, they’ve turned their homeland success into a minor blip in America. That’s better than nothing, but it’s not quite enough.

So here’s an Arctic Monkeys starter kit. They’re a great indie rock band with the electric-blues energy of The Black Keys, the snotty British attitude of Oasis, and just a touch of New Wave melody. If you like these songs, then you’ll probably pick up what they’re putting down.

(1) “I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor” — Their breakthrough song. Ragged garage rock that always gets me going

(2) “Crying Lightning” — A slow-building, sexy jam

(3) “RU Mine” — A stomping single from last year that has an amazing set of falsetto backing vocals (around the middle of the track)

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