Ariana Grande Brags About Pete Davidson’s 10 Inch Peen

Perhaps this explains why her world is turned upside this era.

In 2016, pop sensation Ariana Grande scored a top 10 hit singing about walking “Side To Side.” Apparently, her new insta-fiancé, SNL’s Pete Davidson, is giving her 10 reasons to keep that song on her tour setlist.

Grande and Davidson have been gushing over each other on one another’s social media pages since the announcement of their coupling. But the “Dangerous Woman” singer has made a few comments lately that have fans wondering if the star is doing PR for Davidson’s johnson.

Last week, while talking about an ode to her new beau on her forthcoming Sweetener LP, one fan asked the songstress about the length of said track. Grande replied in a now-deleted tweet that Davidson’s penis could be, well, grande.

The fun doesn’t stop there.

Also last week, an Ariana Grande Instagram fan account shared a rumor that Davidson has apparently bragged about the size of his private parts in the past, and Grande chimed in in the comment section somewhat confirming the gossip.

Perhaps all of this explains why Grande’s world seems turned upside this era.

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