Ariana Grande and Troye Sivan Dial It Up a Notch in “Dance To This” Video

A bored audience is no match for this superstar pop duo.

Out singer Troye Sivan and pop princess Ariana Grande just dropped a new music video for their collab single, “Dance To This,” and we’re living for the pair now more than ever.

The video sees Sivan take the stage at some sort of dimly lit nursing home, singing the sultry track and gyrating before a very unenthused audience. That is, until Grande spots him from afar, strides up the stage, and takes her turn with the mic.

The pair proceeds to turn up the heat, singing back and forth and shimmying until their audience leaves in exasperation. The party doesn’t stop there, though: Grande and Sivan leap up on the tables and flicker the lights, dancing for themselves.

If the end screen is any indication, the entire performance might’ve been a figment of Sivan’s imagination. But rest assured, he and Grande’s real-life friendship is as legit as can be.

On Twitter, Sivan shared that the video was inspired teen dance flicks like High School Musical and Grease, as well as “a GIF of Cher spinning around that I can’t find [right now.]”

Watch the full video below, and look out for Bloom, Sivan’s second studio album slated to drop August 31.


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