Arkansas Is Issuing Gender-Neutral IDs to Non-Binary Citizens

Yes, Arkansas.

Arkansas is the latest state to allow citizens to mark a third gender on their state IDs.

As Into reports, the state has begun issuing IDs that acknowledge and recognize citizens’ non-binary identities. The policy, which has been “on the books for eight years,” states that a licensee is allowed to change their gender as requested with no questions asked and no documentation required. However, the program was only put into action in December 2010. And since the beginning of October, at least two individuals have been able to receive the new state IDs acknowledging their gender.

Trans organizer and Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition board member Beck Witt, who identifies as “gendervoid,” was among those able to update their IDs to include an X marker for gender.

“It was very affirming to me,” Miller told Into. “It makes it clear that we exist—that gender nonconforming, non-binary, intersex, and trans people exist.”

Besides Arkansas, only three states—New York, Oregon, and California—have laws that recognize a third gender on official documents, such as IDs and birth certificates. The last state to do so, New York, only passed the law in September. There’s still a long way to go for gender inclusivity to be legally recognized across the country, but these victories are proof that we’re on the right track.

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