Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jet Li Are A Gay Couple In “Expendables 3,” Says Director

expendables 3We weren’t planning on watching Expendables 3, but after reading Grantland’s interview with director Patrick Hughes, we might have to rethink that.

Discussing the film’s final scene, which sees co-stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet Li in a close embrace, Matt Patches writes, “Are two of the Expendables together by the end of the movie? ’I believe they are,’ Hughes says, like he just got away with something amazing.”

Buzzfeed spells out what happens.  (Oh, and SPOILERS—if it really matters.)

In the final scene of the film, the Expendables are at their favorite dive bar celebrating another successful mission of killing an endless parade of faceless bad guys.

Lead Expendable Barney Ross (Stallone) approaches his old rival Trench (Arnold Schwarzenegger), who is commiserating with one of Ross’ former compatriots, Yin Yang (Jet Li), both of whom swooped in to help save Ross’ team in the climax of the movie.

“So, you’re working for Trench now?” Ross asks Yang, who responds by just shooting Trench a knowing look and a smile. As Ross turns to walk away, Trench and Yang lean in even closer to each other, grinning so widely, they almost start to giggle.

“You guys want to get a room?” asks Ross.

“We don’t need a room!” Trench says with a laugh. He pulls Yang in close, Yang rests his head on Trench’s chest, and the two of them laugh contentedly.

As Ross walks away, Trench exclaims, “So jealous!”

We had heard rumors about Arnold from his early bodybuilding days, but this one is a shock. Nobody tell Mel Gibson!